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Product Updates


Enhanced Repro Steps

A simpler experience for improved readability and masked views for user privacy

In order to make our Repro Steps feature more useful for app developers and mobile product managers, as well as to give app users more control over their data, we've redesigned the Repro Steps experience in your dashboard as well as in your app.

Repro Steps

Instabug's Repro Steps list all of the actions an app user took before reporting a bug or crash, grouped by the screens they visited in your app. In your dashboard, the steps are now more easily readable and written in simpler language, as shown in the example below.

mobile app repro steps
An example of Repro Steps in the Instabug dashboard

Meanwhile, in your app, a note now appears to your users when they report a bug, and they're able to review and delete any of the Repro Steps screenshots that were taken.

An example of Repro Steps in the mobile app bug reporting form

Private Views

You can also make any app view private, like a phone number field, so that when any screenshot is taken, the view is masked. Any view you tag as private will automatically be covered by a black box in Repro Steps screenshots.

For instructions on how to mask views in screenshots, please refer to our docs: iOS | Android

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