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What It's Like Dealing With Silicon Valley Customers From Egypt

What’s it like being in sales when your office is over 12,000 km away from your clientele? How do you show off the best of your product? Is it difficult to prove that you can provide service that beats your rivals, even if they’re just down the street from the customer and you’re halfway across the world?

These challenges and more are part of the daily deal at Instabug, where the sales and customer success teams work to earn and keep the loyalty of over 25,000 customers around the world.

In this post, our sales and success teams share what it’s like to come to the Mohandessin office in jeans and work across the screen from Silicon Valley suits.

Meet the team members

Sarwat built the sales team and foundation at Instabug after more than 20 years of extensive sales and business expertise in multinational corporations with global coverage.

Meleegy joined the Instabug sales team in early 2019. After growing up and finishing his education in Egypt, South Africa and the United States, he spent time working at corporate heavyweights before he joined the startup life.

Seif is a key player on Instabug’s customer success team. His role is centered on customer onboarding, retention, upselling, and customer relationship management. He joined us just over two years ago after leaving a multinational corporate job.

Dahab, also on the customer success team, was on the fast track up the corporate ladder when she left for Instabug. She’s an Information Systems and Computer Science graduate with a passion for technology and customer relationships.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your job?

From the long distances to the high bar set by the competition, the team shares what challenges and inspires them on the job.

Seif: Serving companies that are located in San Francisco while working from an office in Mohandessin was never going to be an easy task, but what a lot of people don’t think about is that our competitors are also based there. San Francisco is the largest tech hub in the world and a lot of the biggest trendsetters in the tech world come from there, so it’s really amazing that we were able to set the trend in terms of In-App Bug Reporting software.

“We go over and beyond to show our customers how dedicated we are and how close we are to them even if we’re physically far.” – Seif

Of course it’s challenging to be competing with companies that are located closer to our customers, but we go over and beyond to show our customers how dedicated we are and how close we are to them even if we’re physically far, and a lot of the times it works in our favor, with customers finding it extremely interesting that we’re based in Egypt and wanting to learn more about us and the country.

Meleegy: The most exciting —and frustrating— part of the role is speaking with customers. At Instabug, I speak with customers from the largest airlines to the biggest financial firms. They have heard every sales pitch in the world, and they have seen so many different products. They are not impressed with something above average. Finding a way to excel in that realm is really challenging, frustrating, and rewarding.

Dahab: I'm learning time management. Instabug has a very dynamic and agile work environment, so you have to always be on top of things and ready to move and adjust quickly. I'm also learning how to build relationships that are focused on customers' business needs and goals. Some more skills that working at Instabug makes it easier to acquire are communication and people skills, multi-tasking and organization skills, adaptability and customer empathy to name a few.

What excites you about the clientele?

Is it the allure of big names? Maybe the thrill of personal accomplishment? Maybe it’s both… and more.

Seif: Being a company that works with some of the biggest names internationally is extremely exciting. You get to learn a lot about different markets and form relationships with clients all over the globe.

Meleegy: It is no longer enough to be in the top 10%. If you are working in SaaS company serving global customers, that top 10% can be incredibly large. To have a chance of success, you need to be in the top 2%. Every part of what you do in a day needs to be reformatted to go from the top 10% to the top 2%.

"They have heard every sales pitch in the world... They are not impressed with something above average." – Meleegy

Dahab: My position comes with many perks that are very exciting; varying from handling big accounts to increase the retention and growth of our customer base.

Sarwat: We launched out of Y Combinator and Accel in the Winter 2016 batch — it’s a no brainer that Instabug now competes with top-notch vendors in Silicon Valley. In addition, we’ve managed to partner with world-class brands, resulting in gaining the trust of thousands of companies that now rely on Instabug.

What made Instabug the right choice for you?

Egypt’s startup scene has exploded with activity in recent years. There’s no lack of opportunities at startups in Cairo. So what made Instabug the most attractive choice for these driven, high-performance team members?

Sarwat: With the significant rise of the SaaS industry to reach a worth of 130B by 2020, I was thrilled when I first thought of joining Instabug, one of the first SaaS startups to emerge in MENA. It’s a company that serves over 25,000 companies, with its SDK reaching 2B devices around the globe.

Seif: I find it to be inspiring that a company started in an office, in a building, in one street in Cairo, got to be service providers for over 2 billion users! Even though a big chunk of our competitors and customers are located in San Fran and abroad in general, I can honestly say that the passion that the team at Instabug is putting in their work on a daily basis has been and will continue to be more than enough to compensate for any short-comings distance may enforce.

We're always hiring. If you'd like to work with an exciting roster of customers from around the world, we'd love to meet you! Check out our current job openings and Apply Now.


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