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Changes to In-App Chat

An easier way to manage your user conversations

We analyzed our users' chat workflows and found that most of you don't like having to switch back and forth between two tabs to access user conversations. Last year, we redesigned the experience of managing user conversations starting with re-ordering the bugs list and adding chat icons to each report with a thread so that you can reply to users directly from your Bugs page.

Now, we're removing the Chats page completely so that you can find all of your feedback -- whether they're bug reports, suggestions for improvement, or questions from users -- in one place: your Bugs page.

In your dashboard

Instead of having to go to a separate Chats page, you can easily access conversations with your users directly from the bug or crash report they sent.

Feedback reports are now automatically tagged as Bug, Improvement, or Question in your Bugs page, and you can easily filter your reports according to these categories.

This means that your old chats can now be found as reports in your Bugs page tagged as Question.

Instabug report types: Report a bug, Suggest an improvement, or Ask a question

For your users

Each option opens a feedback form for your users to send their report.

The experience for app users is now more unified. When someone selects "Ask a question" from the "Need help?" Instabug modal, they'll see a feedback form similar to "Report a bug" and "Suggest an improvement" where they can enter their email and question.

SDK 8.6 Migration Guides

These changes mean that the Chats class is deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release. For new API usage, please see:

What do you think?

We'd love to hear your feedback about this new workflow. Please reach out to us from your dashboard or send a note to our Product Team. And, as always, thank you for using Instabug.

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