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Product Updates


Application Performance Monitoring Enhancements

Identify severe issues faster, improve app launch accuracy, and search traces instantly

This update to application performance monitoring brings some impactful improvements to your APM experience. We’ve added the dissatisfied count metric so you can identify your biggest issues, custom configurations for your app launch measurements, and a new search function on your Network Performance page.

Dissatisfied count

Now it’s easier to identify high-priority issues with the introduction of Dissatisfied Count. This new metric gives you an instant look at how many users are affected by a given issue, so you can identify and tackle your biggest issues immediately. The Dissatisfied Count metric is a weighted measurement based on the number of occurrences and the Apdex score. That way, you know which issues are having the most impact on your users.

Instabug APM dissatisfied count
A new column titled Dissatisfied Count gives you a look at which issues are affecting the most users.

End app launch API

It’s now possible to get a better understanding of how long your app actually takes to launch. If your app uses a loading screen while data is being fetched, then you know there’s a difference between when an app launches and when it becomes interactive. To address this issue, users are now able to set custom configurations to define when a cold app launch should end. This allows for a more accurate app launch measurement.

For configuration instructions, view our documentation: iOS, Android

End app launch API
You can now configure the end of your app launch to get a more accurate measurement.

Search in network list page

If you are tracking large groups of network performance traces, it can take a long time to find what you’re looking for. You can now search by URL, domain, or path from the Network Performance page, so you can find and track your traces instantly.

network performance search
Immediately find what you're looking for with new search functionality.

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